Adjective of the Day: Obsolete

Hello everybody!  Today, we will start a series of posts which focus on adjectives.  We would like all students to expand their vocabulary and try to use new, more specific words in conversation.  These new adjectives could also help you prepare for tests like the Eiken test or TOEIC. 

Today’s word is obsolete.  Please read at the dictionary definition below:

obsolete (adj.) no longer produced or used; out of date.

We often use this word to describe technology that was common in past generations but we don’t use anymore.  For example, I used to love my VCR, and I watched so many VHS tapes when I was a kid.  However, nobody uses them today!  We watch movies online or some people might still watch DVDs. 

Do you know any examples of obsolete technology?  Please talk about this topic with us at BRIDGE. 

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