Adjective of the Day: Dapper

Hello everyone, it is time for another Adjective of the Day post.  This time we will discuss the word dapper. 

dapper (adjective) neat and trim in dress and appearance (typically used of a man).

You can use this word to describe someone who has a neat and clean appearance and wears formal clothes, especially at weddings or any type of formal occasion.  Although commonly used for men, it is technically acceptable to call a woman dapper.  Nevertheless, these days, the word is connected more closely to a man.  If you want to describe a woman wearing formal clothes who looks very beautiful, then try using the word elegant or radiant.  

Example Sentence:

The lady’s son looked so dapper with his haircut and new suit that she almost didn’t recognize him.  

Thank you for reading and keep checking our blog for more English help and cultural information. 

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