Heartwarming Good Story-Kyoko

At a certain dementia care facility in Germany, the staff were worried about how to deal with wondering elderly people. One day, a staff member noticed that there were many wondering old people who wanted to use buses to go home. Then, the staff set up a fake bus stop in front of the facility where the bus doesn’t come.

They say to the elderly people who are eager to go home.

 “There is a bus stop there, so why don’t you wait until the bus comes?”

After a while, they talk to them again.

“It seems that the bus is late, so how about a cup of coffee inside?”

Hearing that, the old people obediently returned to the facility. There are also elderly facilities in Japan that have a bus stop where the bus doesn’t come. 

I think it’s a good idea to protect the life and dignity of people with dementia.

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